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It is important to recognize that some antibiotics are potentially useful for treating cancer, as shown by their ability to suppress the immune system and in people with certain immune disorders such as leukemia. Other antibiotics may not be effective for specific conditions. In addition to resistance The initial step in an empiric therapy consists of giving the patient orally the antibiotic at three different doses: The first dose is taken one hour before dinner, and the second dose the after meals. The third dose is taken 20 to 30 minutes after meal ingestion. The fourth dose is administered 20 to 30 minutes later. After completing the empiric therapy, the patient is tested and the results published. The empiric approach has been used safely in most developed societies. However, it is limited to a limited area of the hospital environment and must be used according to standardised guidelines that can be found at

Vera Graaf talks about her book Hofmannsthals Enkel.

(ORF-Austrian Radio), July 24, 2020

Vera Graaf talks about her book and her lifewith the grandson of Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Vera graaf - Amerikanistin und Journalistin

Audio Interview on "Im Gespräch"

(ORF-Austrian Radio), August 20, 2020

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